Next generation Online Video Platforms

That’s how we started in 2012: Building amazing video platforms for exceptional clients. We continue this as a ‘Professional Services’ offering today for select clients, alongside work on our own products and projects.

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Video Projects

We have vast experience working with all aspects of online video.


Knowledge Management

We provide professional services associated with our Knowlocker platform.


Support Services

For select clients, we are the ‘behind the scenes’ provider of their support & R&D.

We’ve been creating video platforms for over a decade.

As a core team, we began working on our first online video platform in 2008.

Coming from a video background prior to that, we felt there must be a better way of monetising video online. We held that conviction strongly enough to launch a company specialising in that.

On the back of an exit, in 2012 the time was right to begin offering some of this video expertise to others as we also asked ourselves ‘what next’ in terms of what product we wanted to build for ourselves again.

For the last 6 years we have been working on video projects great and small at the same time as creating our Knowlocker platform.


Plan & Design

We can undertake both the technical design of your platform, and also the user interface and user experience design. We have expertise designing for web and mobile.



Our experienced team of specialists can quickly bring your project to realisation. We work either in close liaison with you, or just ‘getting on with it’ until the product is complete.



Once your project is launched, we are able to offer ongoing support both from a development perspective or 24/7 contact centre support with our in-house team.

Our Experience

We have decades of experience, in aggregate, of designing, developing, project managing and supporting video platforms and projects. Summaries of some of our past projects are outlined below.


Webinar Platform

One of our most interesting - and challenging! - projects was a webinar platform we built for a client. This platform has to deliver 100% uptime every month and successful events from 2 to 500 people.

AI Video Analysis

We worked with a client supporting one of the world’s largest largest drinks brand. The platform parsed video content to see where the client’s brands appeared, and in what context and environment.

Video PPV Platform

One of our earliest projects as a team, we built what was at the time the leading online video pay-per-view and SVOD platform. During our period of involvement, it hosted the most lucrative PPV event of that time.

Video Distribution Tool

This platform has proven highly successful for customers who want to used video to rank better in Google’s SERP results. Within 1 month of launch, the platform itself was ranking number one on Google.

Video Forensics

This project helps police forces across Ireland and the UK interrogate video content that they have accrued from various CCTV sources. They use the tool to assign video workflows that help support prosecutions.

Video Workflow Tool

We created a multi-functional end-to-end video workflows platform for one of the largest media services companies in the world. With this tool, productivity within the organization increased many fold.

AR in Video Platform

This interesting project blended video and augmented reality to deliver an engaging experience for children to learn more about their outdoor environment. The app succeeds in getting kids outside!

Video Editor & Distribution

We created a video editor which works as a web app, and also allows users to edit video content on iOS and Android devices. This platform us used by prominent vloggers to create compelling content.

Contact us to discuss your project or requirements

We love to talk about video project requirements, or professional services associated to our knowledge management platform, Knowlocker.

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