NOVP specialise in creating more complex web and mobile applications for ourselves and our clients.


Our goal is to deliver better value for money, and more firepower per dollar spent than any other team can achieve. This doesn’t mean we’re cheaper than everyone else, but it does mean we have a unique focus on delivering value for money; on achieving the best possible results, in terms of quality, for any committed budget.


Our focus is on delighting customers, whether these are clients with whom we’re building great software together, or users of our own products.


We are a smallish team of around 25, working together but remotely. We work on a wide variety of projects, but our foci are IoT, video and productivity tools.


If we can help become part of your competitive advantage, please get in touch.

Building Brain

Building Brain is the smart office platform, providing the data you need for real insights. Inexpensive to set up, Building Brain lets you get the very most from your office.


Mediatask is a customisable workflow management platform for the media and technology sectors. Use one of our ‘stock’ set ups, or customise for your organisation.


Framelocker is the lightweight video paywall platform. It allows video publishers to charge for access to content and offer real value to viewers, including offline access.

We work with a select group of clients who all have one thing in common: They want to create excellent software products that will be used at scale and move the needle on their businesses.


Our ‘sweet spot’ - what we do better than almost anyone - is the development of multi-device, functional platforms; the sort of products where web and mobile need to work together seamlessly to give an exceptional user experience.


If you are planning (or already have) a more complex software proposition that you want to make into a world beater, we’d love to discuss it with you.

North America Sales Office

2609 Crooks Road, Suite 235
Troy MI

+1 (313) 329-3885
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Europe Sales Office

3rd Floor
86 - 90 Paul Street
London, EC2A 4NE

+44 (0) 7951 136949
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