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One Chance to Make the Best Impression

NOVP have delivered thousands of webinars. Work with us to make yours the best yet.


Create the perfect webinar or live video event

NOVP have been working with clients to deliver amazing live events for years. Whether it is a sales webinar for 1,000+, a music event for 10,000+ or a company presentation for 10, you want your event to deliver the results that exceed all your ambitions.
This is what we do.



When you’re looking for something that goes above and beyond a regular webinar, Summits are the answer. Multi-session events engage and inspire.

Work with NOVP to create an amazing online summit.

Live Webinars

Webinars sell, market, impart training and otherwise in all ways generally deliver amazing results that move the needle for businesses.

Work with us to shape a webinar strategy that outperforms.

On Demand Webinars

On-demand (and hybrid) webinars are a great addition to ‘regular’ live webinars. They fit perfectly into repeatable sales and marketing workflows.

Work with us to create and optimise your on demand webinar.

Work with NOVP to build your ideal online (live) video platform.

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A live video strategy for today, tomorrow, or every today and tomorrow.

Work with us on one-off events or a strategy that bakes live video and webinar into your business and workflows over the months and years ahead.



Let us work with you to deliver a webinar strategy that achieves your goals. Whether it is online sales - nothing sells like a webinar! - or a regular weekly update program, we can craft a plan that works.

Book a free call with us to see how we can deliver for you.


Sometimes webinars or summits don’t have to be part of a big plan: They just need to serve a specific purpose at a point in time. We can put together a live video event that does just that.

Book a free call to discuss your perfect one-off event goals.

On the Day

For some people, delivering a webinar live is an amazing buzz: For others, it fills them with dread. For most, it’s a mix. We can work with you on the day to ensure everything runs perfectly.

Book a call to discuss how we can help on the day.

Book a call to see how we can help

Strategy, one-time, on the day and more.


Case Studies

Webinar Platform

One of our most interesting - and challenging! - projects was a webinar platform we built for a client. This platform has to deliver 100% uptime every month and successful events from 2 to 500 people.

Video Forensics

This project helps police forces across Ireland and the UK interrogate video content that they have accrued from various CCTV sources. They use the tool to assign video workflows that help support prosecutions.

AI Video Analysis

We worked with a client supporting one of the world’s largest largest drinks brand. The platform parsed video content to see where the client’s brands appeared, and in what context and environment.

Video Workflow Tool

We created a multi-functional end-to-end video workflows platform for one of the largest media services companies in the world. With this tool, productivity within the organization increased many fold.

Video PPV Platform

One of our earliest projects as a team, we built what was at the time the leading online video pay-per-view and SVOD platform. During our period of involvement, it hosted the most lucrative PPV event of that time.

AR in Video Platform

This interesting project blended video and augmented reality to deliver an engaging experience for children to learn more about their outdoor environment. The app succeeds in getting kids outside!

Video Distribution Tool

This platform has proven highly successful for customers who want to used video to rank better in Google’s SERP results. Within 1 month of launch, the platform itself was ranking number one on Google.

Video Editor & Distribution

We created a video editor which works as a web app, and also allows users to edit video content on iOS and Android devices. This platform us used by prominent vloggers to create compelling content.

How we Work

Initial Call

Schedule a call with an account manager at NOVP. We’ll discuss your project and find just the right sweet spot for your business and your live video requirements.

Strategise & Plan

Following the initial call we’ll develop a plan - whether this is a long term strategy, or execution on a single event - and articulate it back to you, defining the path ahead


Once we’ve agreed a plan of attack we get on and execute. We have a team of nearly 40 to bring to bear, making sure we have just the right skills and resource on your project.