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Your Live Video Technology Professionals

The team behind NOVP have been developing live video solutions for nearly a decade. Let us build yours.


can create the live video platform you need

We can create it, and we can create it faster, better and more cost effectively than you’d ever think possible. Whether it is a white label webinar platform, a live video tool for a specific market, or something unique and amazing for a highly distinct use case. This is what we do.



As the world has changed, so have events. Being in a conference centre with hundreds or thousands of strangers really doesn't work any more. Summits do work though; they are one of the best ways to engage and inform.

Even more than webinars, some summits need a totally custom experience. Work with NOVP to deliver that.

Webinar Platforms

We have been developing webinar platforms for more than five years. Our feature-rich core platform has been used to deliver nearly 100,000 webinars. Live webinars, evergreen webinars and even ‘hybrid’ options are all supported.

Different markets and sectors have different requirements. Certain clients have sizable captive markets.


AI video analysis; Video forensics; video workflow tools. We have delivered tens of amazing video-based online platforms, serving our client’s diverse needs in a huge variety of verticals and sectors. If you can’t even imagine it, perhaps we can!

Our video platform expertise started in 2006 and we’ve worked in most aspects of the sector in the intervening years.

Work with NOVP to build your ideal online (live) video platform.

37 successful platforms

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How we Work

Plan & Design

We can undertake both the technical design of your platform, and also the user interface and user experience design. We have expertise designing for web and mobile.


Our experienced team of specialists can quickly bring your project to realisation. We work either in close liaison with you, or just ‘getting on with it’ until the product is complete.


Once your project is launched, we are able to offer ongoing support both from a development perspective or 24/7 contact centre support with our in-house team.

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Work with us to deliver the video event you need.

Get Live Video Results


1080p & 60fps

1080p HD streaming and up to 60fps (plus high quality audio) is all available from our core platform.


Low latency

Not only do we deliver exceptional high quality video: We deliver it with almost zero latency.


100% browser based

Our platform doesn’t need time-consuming, fiddly installs: Click on the link, and you’re into the event!


Live & Hybrid

Deliver fully live videos, or hybrid events; a combination of live, and then a high quality pre-record.



Our platform is designed for extreme scale. The underlying platform spreads load across servers.


Itinerary plans

For summits and music festivals; live events and more, we have powerful scheduling functionality.

  • The quickest way to get up and running
  • Highly cost effective platform development
  • Flexible licensing and ownership options
  • End to end development and support